The Archive

Some memories - a blast from the past!

Grangefield School around 1963 - nice hair!

The original business card - tasty!

Always different Graham!

Original line-up, purely instrumental, no vocals

Grangefield - Christmas 1962 - too loud!

Cliff with his original full kit of drums

On stage at the Presbyterian Youth Club, Stockton

Norm - Ace of Bass!

Brian with his grand piano

Impressed with the Watkins Copycat echo chamber

PR shot for the big competition 1964


A bargain at £55

Just like KNL 544

Mike - "what - words as well as chords!"

Time for a sit down

Playing order for the between scenes cabaret acts

Our actual set list for the three intervals

Mutiny at Strangefield 1962. Colour had been invented!

Mutiny at Strangefield 1962 - Dec 13th to 15th

Fame at last!

What happened to bands with ties?

Brunswick, Stockton - good for a fight between numbers

One last time - with feeling

19/03/64 - school Easter dance at 3 shilling entrance

06/07/63 - hire of amp from Burdons for 12/6d

Early card thanks to John Bull printing outfit

Pete wondering why a coffin should play "music"

Our engineering drawing for the manufacture of "The Coffin"

Finally containing two 12 inch Celestion or Goodmans speakers and the Linear amp.

Drawing courtesy of Brian Humpherson

The Fairfield, Stockton - home base!

13/06/62 - a rare appearance as The Floridas

Mike with a classic rendition of the F# chord

01/02/64 - Stockton Rugby Club with 4 shilling admission

Piccadilly Circus, London - trusty Singer lets us down again

07/11/64 - Norton Cricket Club (Football section!) - still 4 shilling admission

Circa 1961 - possibly the earliest photo of the band to be

Selmer Stadium amp - real power when we could afford to hire it

Some more random photos and memories from the past ...

17/01/64 - Grays Road Institute and admission down to 2 shillings

Near Trafalgar Square, London - is this where the engine goes?

Watkins Westminster amp - 10 watts of sheer power

07/03/64 - Social Club dance and admission now down to 1 shilling!

28/09/63 - Beatnik Ball at Hardwick Grange Farm

April 1964

Linear Conchord amp - 30 watts into coffin speakers - impressive (when working!)

Grangefield Grammar School - alma mater, where it all began

Brian practices for the big school pantomime night

Watkins Dominator amp - 17 watts to make a statement

Twist and Shake!

Early days in Pete's attic bedroom with Norm, Pete and Mike

December 1963

Cliff in full flight at The Cavern in the mid sixties

The Cyclones 1962 to 2022 (so far!)

Cliff impressing the fans at The Cavern

A Teenage Dance - October 1963

The original "Black Friday" - 13th March 1964

February 1964

Pint of Samson - essential victuals

The original Floridas card - Fabulous!

Pete - moody

The only place to be ... and be seen

... the other place, south of the river!

Not again!