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Welcome to the Grangefield memories archive.

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Welcome to the Grangefield reunion photo archive.

An archive of all our favourite moments together from 1967 to the present day.


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1967 - Elmwood Community Centre, Hartburn

A combined 21st birthday celebration for Heather Lee, John Rattenbury and Brian Docherty.

1996 - Belasis Centre, Billingham

Dinner to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Grangefield Grammar School and its predecessors. 

2001 - The Parkmore Hotel, Eaglescliffe

Dinner in Yarm, visit to Fairfield & Tan Hill public house, evening at the Parkmore Hotel, Eaglescliffe and white water rafting on the Tees.

2003 - The Parkmore Hotel, Eaglescliffe

Dinner in Yarm, visit to the Angel of the North, Gateshead, the Parkmore Hotel, Eaglescliffe, the Black Bull public house, Yarm

2005 - The Abbey Hotel, Tintern, Chepstow

Dinner at the Wye Knot, hiking around Chepstow, dinner and dance at the Abbey Hotel and boating down the Wye river for lunch on the river bank

2007 - The Ambassador Hotel, Scarborough

Dinner at Marmalade, Castle walk and boating at Peasholme Park, dinner and dance at the Ambassador Hotel's Bronte Suite, boat trip out to sea, fish and chips at the Golden Griddle 

2009 - Bluntisham Village Hall, Cambridge

Ouse Valley Way, Dinner at the Barn Restaurant Pidley, Lakeside Golf Club, Bluntisham Village Hall and Cambridge City

2010 - Stoke Poges Village Hall

Archie's retirement party 

2012 - Parkmore Hotel, Stockton

Dinner in Yarm, Richmond and the castle, the Parkmore Hotel and the Black Bull public house in Yarm

2014 - Kitley House Hotel, Yealmpton, Devon

Dinner at the Rose & Crown, Yealmpton, river cruise from Totnes to Dartmouth, steam train ride,  or nuclear submarine visit, Plymouth, Kitley House Hotel

2015 - Closure of Grangefield Grammar School, Stockton

Invitation for a last visit to the old school building before it was finally demolished 

2016 - Fison Barn, near Wallingford

"Forever Young"

Dinner at the George Hotel, Wallingford, cruise on the Thames from Henley, dinner and dance at Fison Barn and BBQ at Ticklebelly Lodge

2019 - Chepstow at Gwentlands

Gwentlands - magnificent home to Annie, Ned, Carolyn, Peter, Barbara, Simon, Vanessa and Ian and home to us all for the weekend of 10th August 2019

2022 - Chepstow at Gwentlands

Post - Pandemic Reunion at Gwentlands again. Buffets, barbeques and pizzas. Dancing the night away to The Cyclones, Archie Foulds and Nicole Tibbels

2023 - Chepstow at Gwentlands

Reunion at Gwentlands again. Buffets, barbeques and pizzas. Dancing the night away to The Cyclones and unplugged Archie Foulds


A completely random collection of school photographs, all containing someone we know but from a varied selection of Stockton schools.


A selection of wedding celebrations 


Over recent years there have been many "significant" birthdays and their attendant celebrations. Below are a few such celebrations.

The Cyclones

A few photos of the band started in 1962 (Then) and still going strong (?) today (Now)! 

Norton St Mary's Reunion 2007

Dave Martin organised a reunion of attendees of Norton St Mary's youth club at the Parkmore Hotel, Stockton in 2007.


A completely random selection of photos that don't really fit any category!