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Some other sites worth looking at and related to The Cyclones ...

Stan Laundon's Site - highlighting '60s bands in the north east of England . Select the Cyclones entry for more info.

Watkins Amplifiers - everything that was known about amplification in the sixties!

Our old friend Archie - now turned singer and songwriter.

Here's his YouTube channel.

Britannia Bluegrass Band - playing mainly bluegrass, with a familiar face on double bass!

Douglas Kurn - Photographer the web-site of a professional photographer who has supplied some shots on this site

Picture Stockton Archive - A pictorial record of the social history of the Teesside area where we all grew up

Require a blue plaque commissioning? Then our long time friend Ned Heywood is the person to see

Vintage Sixties Live is a site which, despite no longer being updated, provides a wealth of information on north-east bands of the '60s

Should you require a concert band of over 50 players, this may just be the one says Musical Director, Brian!

... or finally a musical combo for any occasion, with up to six musicians - as long as one of them is a pianist!

Geoff Daniel - Photographer who has also kindly supplied some photos for this site

Nottingham's longest-running 16 piece jazz big band, originally formed in the 1970s

Chris Scott Wilson, author of Boys in the Band and many other titles

Always available for a gig - Teesside's own ukulele band with its own sound and a familiar face

Dougie Wright - drummer and legend in his time

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