Some other sites worth looking at and related to The Cyclones ...

Stan Laundon's Site - highlighting '60s bands in the north east of England . Select the Cyclones entry for more info.


Britannia Bluegrass Band -

an acoustic band playing a variety of styles in the bluegrass idiom, with a familiar face on double bass!

Ken Poole often guests with our band, along with his brother Vic. Ken offers guitar tuition (and more) from his site here ...

Should you require a concert band of over 50 players, this may just be the one says Musical Director, Brian!

Watkins Amplifiers -

everything that was known about amplification in the sixties!


Douglas Kurn - Photographer

the web-site of a professional photographer who has supplied some shots on this site

Should you ever require a blue plaque commissioning then our long time friend Ned Heywood is the person to see

... or alternatively you may require a choir

Geoff Daniel - Photographer who has also kindly supplied some photos for this site - check out his work here ...

Nicole Tibbels -

an introduction to Nicole, one of the Cyclettes!


Picture Stockton Archive -

A pictorial record of the social history of the Teesside area where we all grew up

Vintage Sixties Live is a site which, despite no longer being updated, provides a wealth of information on north-east bands of the '60s

... or finally a musical combo for any occasion, with up to six musicians - as long as one of them is a pianist!

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